The adventure begins

In less than 48 hours we will be en route to the Republic of Panama. This trip is exploratory, a chance to tour the country, see the beaches, mix with the people, immerse ourselves in the language and in general get a feel for what Panama may be like as a permanent residence. We’ve always been a couple of dreamers, so it’s likely we’ll do what we’ve always done: we’ll over-anticipate, romanticize and drink in all the hype and effusion about this new (to us) land and its promise. The difference this time is that we’ve done extensive research on Panama as a place to live, and we have a reasonably good feel right now of the pluses & minuses we’ll find there. We’ve read each and every post from Kris & Joel Cunningham, The Panama Adventure. We’ve dug into ‘Loving retirement in Panama‘, and Holly Carter’s always amusing/frank/engaging ‘Let the adventure begin.’ It’s become pretty obvious to us that folks who relocate to Panama share our love of the unknown, our belief that, as Mariah says, “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff.” So on to Panama we go… Continue reading “The adventure begins”

As we depart for Panama


We’re in the process of arranging our first trip to Panama. Mariah learned of unbeatable air fares from Cleveland, flights on American Airlines that are too cheap to pass up, so we grabbed them. At 5:30 Thursday morning, 10/29, we’ll climb out of Hopkins en route to Miami, then on to PTY. (Yes, 5:30 A.M. No wonder the fare was cheap). From PTY we’ll hop aboard COPA over to David.

Our itinerary includes a few days at Boca Chica, then off to Boquete for a few more. Then it’s a bus ride across Panama back to the city, and four more days of doing a recon for a possible retirement home. Anyone reading this, we welcome suggestions/feedback/alerts and/or heads up about things we should do and see or not. Gracias!