As we depart for Panama


We’re in the process of arranging our first trip to Panama. Mariah learned of unbeatable air fares from Cleveland, flights on American Airlines that are too cheap to pass up, so we grabbed them. At 5:30 Thursday morning, 10/29, we’ll climb out of Hopkins en route to Miami, then on to PTY. (Yes, 5:30 A.M. No wonder the fare was cheap). From PTY we’ll hop aboard COPA over to David.

Our itinerary includes a few days at Boca Chica, then off to Boquete for a few more. Then it’s a bus ride across Panama back to the city, and four more days of doing a recon for a possible retirement home. Anyone reading this, we welcome suggestions/feedback/alerts and/or heads up about things we should do and see or not. Gracias!

2 thoughts on “As we depart for Panama

    1. ME BE in Panama

      So Sorry Holly, just got online and saw your comment and we are now in Panama City. Our time in Boquete was too short (less than 48 hours) — we will be back :-} I will email you when we are back in the states. Hope you are getting the mold under control, we had those issues in Hawaii — YIKES!


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