Bocas del Mar: Can you say Bucket List?


Buenas Dias!

Continuing with our recent Panama adventure, we’ll share a few pictures from a fabulous resort near Boca Chica, a little slice of paradise called Bocas del Mar (Mouths of the sea). Bocas is an hour and a half (give or take) by car south and east of David. On the rugged south coast of Chiriqui Province, this place is about as far from civilization as a traveler can ever get, and as civilized as life ever gets. Make sense? You’ll have to see Bocas del Mar to appreciate that seeming contradiction. The above shot is what we saw when we opened our sleepy peepers every morning, but the picture doesn’t quite demonstrate the whole experience: imagine those palms, banana trees, mangos and breadfruit wafting in a gentle tropical breeze, as hummingbirds flit past, then you see one of these fellows:


…then a pelican swoops down for his/her desayuno (breakfast), dipping into the water here:


Here’s what our own desayuno looked like that morning:


…you get the idea. If you’re grumpy at Bocas, there’s no hope for you. Go back to Toledo.

Note the hot tub off to the right of the first picture? Each bungalow is a separate, very private little niche of its own, with no access and no exposure to other guests. So, married people that we are, we took advantage of that. Let your imagination roam a bit, and give in to the possibilities.  C’mon, you’d do the same thing we did, admit it. There. feel better? Ain’t life grand?

Bocas del Mar encourages that exploration. We felt like kids again, took a long boat cruise with our new pal Captain Gustavo, snorkeled off one of the many islands, explored a crocodile-infested backwater on another one and went birding where we saw roseate spoonbills, parrots, pelicans…on and on. Here’s what the room looked like when we first saw it. Romantic? Can you say bucket list?


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