On the road to Boquete

The View From Alto Boquete

This is our first view of the little town of Boquete. We took it from the coffee shop, (where else?) at the top of the hill, on route 41 just before the descent into the valley of the Rio Caldera. That’s the river on the right of the picture. Folks tell us that Boquete and its micro-climates look much like this year round. Here’s another shot.


The name means ‘Gap’ in Spanish. And it’s easy to see why this particular ‘gap’ acquired the name. Boquete is nestled in a valley below an ancient (though only dormant) volcano called Vulcan Baru’. Volcanologists claim that Baru’ is long overdue for an eruption. Like 250 years overdue, near as they can tell. Does this tend to depress real estate valuations? Nope. People are moving into Boquete and the surrounding area faster than bees to bug juice. At last count the population of 20,000 included 3,000 expats from all over: The U.S, Canada, Asia, other Latin American countries & Western Europe.


Beautiful Downtown Boquete

We always seem to return to coffee. Indeed, when traveling in/through/beside/over/past Boquete it’s impossible to avoid the aroma of its world-class coffee. Many expats and others find themselves closely aligned with the local crop. As Lee Zeltzer says on Boquete Ning, ‘When you move to a place that grows some of the best coffee in the world and you buy property with coffee, you are in the coffee business.’ So relax and enjoy it. You’d think folks in such a laid-back, almost lethargic little spot would avoid stimulants, but apparently not. One of the most popular activities here for tourists and others is a tour of the coffee fields. Here’s a good one, if you’re looking for knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.


The folks at Kotowa Coffee brag about having the oldest still standing coffee mill of Panama, and it’s worth the price of admission.

Once the coffee tour is done, relax and let the caffeine wear off while walking around  Mi jardin es Tu Jardin. Here’s a picture of these lush, tropical gardens, a place as serene and friendly as you can hope to find.

Mi jardin

And another…


More later. Stay tuned for a bit of Boquete history, amusing anecdotes, great dining tips and more. And before I forget, congrats to Kris and Joel on the birth of their granddaughter in Seattle! Woot!1115seattle5