FAQ: Panama & Health Care


Health Care Clinic Boquete

One of the first things prospective retirees ask about Panama or any other expat haven concerns healthcare. Today’s blog will be the first in a series to cover this topic in detail. At the outset, I’ll present a disclaimer, and a caution: This is a critical issue, because the age factor dictates a solid, carefree, consistent (even if not cheap) healthcare plan, and anyone considering retirement anywhere needs to dig for all the info they can get. Also, as with many other things about Panama, we’ve found that different folks have far different experiences, so before taking my word as gospel, ask around and do some research. We do not live in Panama (yet) so what’s presented here is what I’ve uncovered.

In no particular order, here’s what people want to know about Panamanian Healthcare:

1—Is it good?

2— Is it cheap?

3— Is it available?

I’ll cover item #1 today.

1— Is healthcare good in Panama? Again, what we’ve heard from numerous sources is that healthcare in Panama is quite good. In fact, some say it’s excellent, even better than that found in the U.S. or Canada. Continue reading “FAQ: Panama & Health Care”