Seeing Boquete everywhere

Last week we were in Iowa City, Iowa visiting family. Now mind you Iowa City is a little berg of likeminded progressive people, but still, we have NEVER seen this before…

We were at a stoplight when By saw this car’s license plate as it turned across in front of us. He practically yelled, “OMG look at that plate!” I said, “Follow it!” We had to know the story (or rather if what we thought we saw was real or just our imagination since we are seeing Boquete everywhere these days). We followed the car into a flower shop parking lot so I thought the plate was a play on the word bouquet.


I put the window down and asked, “What does your license plate mean?” We were both dumbfounded from his response, “Oh it’s a little town in Panama where we owned land.” They have since sold it and we did not get his name. But, yes Virginia, it was real.