Prospero Ano Nuevo


Pirotecnico a Boquete

Happy New Year to all, and may 2016 be the best year of your lives! Here’s our NY resolution: By the end of 2016, we intend to be residents of Boquete Panama, living in a place where the temperature never varies from a low of 65 F to a high of 85. That’s not the only consideration, of course. We also intend to be reasonably conversant in Espanol by year’s end, or at least fluent enough that Panamanians no longer roll their eyes at us.

Sharing the New Year’s festivities, here’s a sampling from some of the blogs we follow, a rebuttal to people who think there’s nothing happening in Panama! Just check this out!

Connie and Mikkel Moller over at Third Life Pedasi polished up their performance skills it appears, celebrated the holidays and ushered in 2016 with a grand old time at Smiley’s Restaurante singing and dancing and basking in the warmth and friendship of amigos.

Karen over In Da Campo chose the end of 2015 to figure out a perplexing problem that’s obviously bugged her for some time: Why is the ocean salty? Hey, you never want a year to end (or begin) with that kind of uncertainty. Good for you, Karen, always the educator. Keep it up!

Holly and Scott over at Let The Adventure Begin closed out 2015 by reminding us all to be grateful, and to give back without reciprocation. As Holly says, ‘To give someone a gift that they didn’t expect is so much fun…’ She’s right of course, and it’s just this kind of attitude and approach to living every day that’s drawing us to Boquete, and Panama. It’s not just the warmth of the climate; it’s the apparent warmth of the people living in it as well. A connection? I believe so.

Don Ray Williams, blogging at Chiriqui Chatter ended his Panama year on a rather sad note. It appears the old saying about the size of the dog in the fight Vs the size of the fight in the dog… Well, the little pooch apparently keeled over and died, sigh… Our condolences to the distraught dog owners. Here’s hoping 2016 improves after this, and hard to see how it wouldn’t. BTW, for those who didn’t catch Don’s recent post about jet service from Orlando to David starting soon, my advice is to keep in mind the date this service is to commence. Just sayin’. Thanks, Don, keep ignoring all that trouble, it’s the best approach in my estimation.

For John and Susan on Latitude Adjustment, more canine condolences. What is it with dogs and the holidays? Too bad about your beloved Maggie. Sounds like you could use a hug. Happy New Year anyway, and all the best.

Kris and Joel Cunningham blogging from David in The Panama Adventure bring us up to date on a new bus terminal near their home. Hey, David may or may not be getting non-stop air service from Orlando, but the new terminal will be a welcome addition to travelers in western Panama & elsewhere. (BTW, Kris/Joel, about the helicopters posted close by: You’re right about the Bell H-13, those are spray arms used for crop-dusting/aerial application of some liquid for agricultural use. The Bell 206, called a JetRanger looks like a military surplus machine, I’m guessing, now used for corporate/private transport. Thanks for tossing the pix in there. I’ve flown both of those old machines, and enjoyed them equally.)

More later. Feliz Ano Nuevo everyone, and here’s hoping we soon meet and greet in person in western Panama, and who knows where else? Salud!

3 thoughts on “Prospero Ano Nuevo

    1. ME BE in Panama

      Thanks, Anita, we hope to spend a lot of time in Boquete this winter, exploring, taking notes, practicing our Espanol & getting a feel for life in Panama.


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