30th annual Expo Feria de las Orchideas


One of the high points of Santa Semana in Boquete

During Holy Week, Santa Semana, here in Boquete we were able to visit one of the more celebrated flower shows in Panama. For thirty years, the Expo Orchideas, (Orchid expo) has given orchid growers a venue to display their exquisite flowers, and to compete for awards. The Expo has attracted people from all over Panama and Chiriqui province. President and patron of the festival, Reynaldo Serracín, quoted in La Prensa, said the event is “….for the promotion of the species (of orchids) across the country.” He also said that, “…se contará con la exhibición de más de 100 especies entre nacionales, híbridas y extranjeras.” Counted in the exhibition are more than 100 species, national, hybrids and extraneous types. Senor Serracin mentioned that the festival attracts more than 20,000 visitors annually.

Here are just a few of the lush, intricate orchids on display through April 2nd at the Feria grounds in Boquete:

                  Top left: Enciclia…Bottom: Oricidium.             Cattleya

                         Top left: Guiana…right: Aspasia. Bottom: Stanhopea


Blue ribbon winner: Brasia


It’s quite a show, even if you’re not into orchids. In addition to the flower display in the main building, there are more than 60 leased exhibits where nearly 150 vendors sell everything from arts & crafts, to children’s clothes to various local souvenirs and products. There’s also an amusement park nearby, on the feria grounds where kids of any age can enjoy the various rides.

The Feria & Expo Orchideas continues through April 2nd. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend an evening and see some exquisite flowers and arrangements, drop on down to Boquete and take a look.