What’s that Thing-A-Ma-Bob?


Just a quick post with a chuckle for my loyal readers. Years ago a friend of mine in Iowa retired and headed south. He affixed one of the above thing-a-ma-bobs to the front of his car. (Not the dumpster, the other red thing-a-ma-bob) When I asked him why he’d do this, he replied: “I’m going to drive south until someone asks me, ‘what the hell is that?’ then I’ll stop.”

The above picture is our red thing-a-ma-bob parked next to our dumpster. Those of you reading this from Boquete, Panama, or anywhere south of approximately 20 degrees north latitude might be tempted to ask: ‘what the hell is that?’ Here’s my response: “I intend to forget what they’re used for.”

And here’s a reminder, as if any of us need one. The picture was taken in April. In April, I tell you. Late April.


I rest my case, and hopefully my red thing-a-ma-bob.