What’s that Thing-A-Ma-Bob?


Just a quick post with a chuckle for my loyal readers. Years ago a friend of mine in Iowa retired and headed south. He affixed one of the above thing-a-ma-bobs to the front of his car. (Not the dumpster, the other red thing-a-ma-bob) When I asked him why he’d do this, he replied: “I’m going to drive south until someone asks me, ‘what the hell is that?’ then I’ll stop.”

The above picture is our red thing-a-ma-bob parked next to our dumpster. Those of you reading this from Boquete, Panama, or anywhere south of approximately 20 degrees north latitude might be tempted to ask: ‘what the hell is that?’ Here’s my response: “I intend to forget what they’re used for.”

And here’s a reminder, as if any of us need one. The picture was taken in April. In April, I tell you. Late April.


I rest my case, and hopefully my red thing-a-ma-bob.

6 thoughts on “What’s that Thing-A-Ma-Bob?

      1. ME BE in Panama

        John: It was taken at Lumahai Beach on the north shore of Kauai. Mariah and I lived on Kauai for a few years, and we visited this spot often. It’s just beyond the little town of Hanalei. Lumahai Beach was, incidentally, where Mitzi Gaynor sang ‘Wash that man right out’a my hair,’ in South Pacific. The jagged peak in the far background was referred to in the film as Bali Hai.



  1. Something I definitely don’t miss! This story reminds me of our move from Montana to Southern California in the mid-90’s during the winter and a neighbor asked what the plug hanging out of the front end of the car was for. It’s hard to explain why you’d need an engine block heater to someone who lives in temperate climes! Anita

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  2. ME BE in Panama

    That was an opportunity for a great response: “It’s where we plug in the extension cord for longer trips” or “For the remote control when the car picks us up.” I’m sure you can do better than I did. I saw those block heater cords all over when I worked in Alaska. NO ONE owned a car without a plug in the front.
    Thanks for reading.

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