Hasta Luego 2016

Last Boquete sunset of 2016

One more trip around the sun, so always a great time to reflect and consider. The Romans gave us January, named for Janus, their god who looked both directions. Here’s what Janus might have rendered about the year just past:

On the good side—we saw The Chicago Cubs break a 108 year dry spell to take it all in The Fall Classic. As life-long Cubbie fans, we were pretty darned excited, especially since we were able to witness the final outs of game seven at O’Hare International. The concourse was alive, and in total chaos. Even White Sox fans were elated.

108 years is long enough!

(Photo Matt Slocum/AP)

Our LGBT friends & neighbors saw major strides this year yet again, as several countries abandoned long-held oppressive laws and restrictions on their freedom to be who they are. Italy became the last European country to bar LGBT people from civil marriage.

Simone winning…everything
Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP-Getty Images

Simone Biles stole many hearts and many medals at Rio, four golds and a bronze for the 19 year old phenom, arguably the greatest gymnast who ever lived. Happy 2017, Ms Biles, and thanks for the thrills!

Hamilton Smashed every record

(Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision via AP)

Pandas bounce back

(Photo: Reuters)

Other good happenings in 2016: The giant panda is no longer threatened; Hamilton is setting records on B’way; the U.S. and Cuba are on course for a much better relationship; women made political history as California Attorney General Kamala Harris became the first black woman elected to the U.S. Senate; Ilhan Omar first Somali-American lawmaker in the U.S; Catherine Cortez Masto first Latina senator in Nevada; and Pramila Jayapal the first Indian-American congresswoman in Washington state. Our large neighbor to the south gave us astonishing news. After 52 years of constant bloodshed and terror, Peace at long last may be arriving in Colombia after the government and the FARC met and came to terms. Felicidades, Colombianos!

A fragile but awesomely beautiful airplane named Solar Impulse circumnavigated the earth–without hydrocarbon fuel. Using only solar energy, Bertrand Piccard pilotd Solar Impulse around the globe to bring attention to alternative sources of energy. Bon travail, monsieur Piccard!

Fuegos artificiales Boquete 2016/17

Panamanians love their fuegos artificiales, regardless of the holiday and/or occasion. These were right outside our window, and waaaaay loud!

Fireworks of London: Welcome 2017!

You’re wondering about the bad news from 2016? I’ll let some other blogger post that, hope yours was not too disappointing. Prospero ano nuevo everyone, and here’s hoping 2017 is an awesome year for everyone.