3 thoughts on “Decency Prevails

  1. Tony Marconi

    I had just received in the mail a plastic angel “good luck” token, and I sent it to Mr. Trump along with the following letter:

    Dear President Trump,
    I know the election is over and that it must be a painful experience to lose to Sleepy Joe and That Woman he chose as a running mate. I have heard it said that you are a good Christian and so I’ll be praying for you as you journey on to your next endeavor in life.
    I am sending you a small token of faith to help protect and watch over you. This way, your own, well-deserved Guardian Angel can always be with you just as she is pictured here, fully clothed, protecting a young boy and girl after they escaped one of your cages. Please don’t grab her by the pussy.
    I wish you a long and self-reflective life,

    Tony Marconi

    I also was inspired to write the following poem:

    (with apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

    I think that I shall never see
    Defeat as lovely as Don’s be.

    An end so fitting to that ass
    A bloated windbag with no class.

    A self-absorbed and lazy fool
    Who thought that someday he would rule;

    Who always wants to get his way
    And courts the votes of KKK

    The lying, boasting, stealing D
    Who hopes that we’re all dumb as he.

    Votes are cast by fools like me,
    So Biden beat out Donald T.

    70 more days and counting! 🙂


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