Book Review: Pilots Write Poetry?

Whimsical, and Wonderful

I didn’t know much about Haikus before reading this little book of them, but it made me want to read more. The inscription in Latin verba volant; scripta manent (spoken words fly; written words endure) may seem almost backward for a book about aviation, which this book mostly is. But the meaning is clear: words are important either way, and since pilots’ words, especially over radios and in cockpit communication are vitally important in their trade, it’s good to see them compiled in poetry for a change. A delightful little book, with illustrations by children of pilots, and haikus in 6 different categories: poems about empathy, affirmation, the beauty of the earth, and the wry humor that exists among airline crews. There’s something for everyone. Plus, proceeds from the book help aviation folks get through the pandemic, which has disrupted their industry, causing furloughs and uncertainty. So good for Captain Linda Pauwels for putting this together, and adding to the collection of flying tales in such a whimsical way.

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