Book Review: Live Inspired

Live Inspired by Laura Staley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here we have a book of inspiring and courageous anecdotes of the author’s sometimes turbulent, sometimes heartbreaking, often resilient life.

It’s not often a reader comes across a book that truly portrays what is meant when writers are told to ‘open a vein.’ This short but insightful book of prose mixed with the author’s poetry shows that. After reading Live Inspired I feel as if I know her, not just her story.

If a reader has suffered under an abusive parent (not what you imagine), been dismissed and emotionally challenged by men, and discouraged and frightened for their children, that reader will identify with Staley’s journey, and will, hopefully, take sustenance and heart from her successful navigation of her life.

Staley also manages to find the positive and uplifting in every challenge, a life skill we could all use more of. The only comment might be that there isn’t more about Staley’s life as a mother, an aspect of the book that could have enriched it. Live Inspired

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Live Inspired

  1. Tony

    Hey, By–
    I missed your book launch due to a doctor appointment, but I want to purchase a copy. How and where can I get one?


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