Book Review: Gay Like Me

Like Imani Perry’s Breathe: A Letter to My Sons, this fine book describes the perilous passage that the different-ed, marginalized citizens of this country must navigate, while teaching their children to cross to safety as well.

Mr. Jackson addresses his beloved boy, who has embraced his own gay existence, with riveting, graphic candor, and with an urgency driven by his own recollections, chief among them the author’s coming of age in New York during the AIDS crisis.

Instead of the dire and dreadful scenario we might expect from the father of a gay son, instead of all the warnings and cautions, Jackson insists that his gay son celebrate his sexual orientation, as he has done. While reminding the boy of the ‘straight-lash’ that’s inevitable, he enumerates the amazing opportunities ahead, and the pride that’s more than just a parade to them both.

We could all wish that our own passage into adulthood had come with the advice and counsel offered to this fortunate young man by a father who loves him fiercely enough to tell him the unvarnished, uninhibited truth.Gay Like Me: A Father Writes to His Son

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