Book Review: Fearless

Rebecca Minkoff is one of those people who heard of the self-made person we hear about from time to time, believed in the concept, and set out to make it her reality. I know little or nothing about clothing/fashion/accessory design, but I do know a great up-by-your-bootstraps tale when I read one, and Minkoff’s is one that’s been stitched together out of whole cloth.

Formatted in 21 different ‘rules’, otherwise known as chapters, the book follows Minkoff’s struggles from her early days in New York starving and struggling to get by, to the creation of her breakout product, the Morning After Bag, which grew legs and secured her place as a name designer.

These self-made tales always seem to be based on a journey to New York City, it seems, and Fearless follows that pattern as well. If Ms Minkoff has a theme to her life’s pursuit, it seems to be that found in rule #2: ‘…design your purpose, not your paycheck.’

Some of her advice and insight is reasonably trite and predictable: ‘The truth is that cutting corners has never paid off for me. Not once’ But it’s never a good idea to dismiss sound advice. The author refers to the way our minds create our reality, and this, too, though a common enough theme, never seems to gain the traction it deserves, so it’s good that she mentions it. The final rule ‘It’s Endless’ can be read either way, as caution, or encouragement.

The author describes various trials and triumphs, the challenges she faced to establish her brand, the events of 9/11, and more recently the COVID crisis and its impact on everything, including walk in establishments. All in all, Fearless is a good rendition of one woman’s journey toward self-branding, and the current fabric of American entrepreneurship.

One thought on “Book Review: Fearless

  1. Tony Marconi

    Hey, By–
    I tried ordering your last book on Amazon, and they said it wasn’t available. How can I get a copy? Do you have a separate site for sales? Please let me know–I enjoy your writing immensely.


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